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Announcing My YouTube Channel!

Hey everybody! I'm here to let you Real Life Layla readers know that today I made my YouTube debut!!

As you may know, I (half-jokingly) promised that, once I reached 10k Instagram followers, I'd film a video going through my WHOLE vinyl collection. Yes, all 400+ pieces of it! And I'd upload it to YouTube for the world to see. Well...the undertaking proved to be so large, it became TWO videos!

You can watch My Vinyl Collection, parts 1 and 2, on my YouTube channel now! Subscribe if you please, and please let me know what videos I should make next - I'm at kind of a loss!

Above: You can even watch part 1 here right now!

Thanks so much for being patient, this took a long time to get together! And as always, thanks so much for your support. It means SO much to me that you lot were interested enough in my silly hobby to make these video(s) happen.


- Layla


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