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Day Tripper: A Week in Outfits

Hi all!

You might've noticed this week’s post is under a new subcategory. My previous posts – Layla parts 1 and 2 and Groupie Heart – are all what I call 33 1/3s. These are my more developed posts about muses and music. Because they’re longer, I’ve named them after the RPM (rotations per minute) that an LP (long-play record, for those here who aren’t nerds) plays at.

This week’s post marks the beginning of a new category here on the Real Life Layla blog! I’m calling them 45s because they’ll be shorter; like a 45 RPM single. I thought little posts about my personal style or a little behind-the-scenes to my photo shoots would be fitting for my website! Since, you know, most of you are probably here from my vintage fashion Instagram account.

To kick off this new style of posts I’ll be showing you guys what I wore for 5 days out in Vermont! As you’ll see, it wasn’t much of a vacation; I always have content I’m creating.

Day 1:

The first day of my trip was a travel day. Since I knew I’d be spending most of my day in the car I wanted to wear something comfy and casual; while still dressing vintage, of course. This ’60s vintage top is nice and soft (not scratchy like vintage poly blends can get) and I love all the colors. Red, green, yellow, orange – it matches pretty much anything! But I decided to keep things simple and pair it with solid black tights and my trusty Forever 21 shorts. These shorts were one of the first vintage-style clothing pieces I got, and I wear them so so much! I definitely recommend getting a pair like these as a trusty ’60s-inspired basic. To round out the look I threw on a vintage belt I thrifted, black ankle boots I found on Depop, and my custom yellow Twiggy reproduction earrings I got from Moodysretro.

And yes, I actually travel with that vintage luggage! It's a set of three suitcases and was a graduation gift from my mom.

Day 2:

On my first full day there, I went thrifting and antiquing. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck thrifting clothes this day. But I had great luck with records! And I got to continue that luck at the antique shop I went to. But enough about shopping, let’s get to what I wore while shopping. I wore this sweet ’60s vintage knit dress I got from Who Is Sylvia Vintage in Woodstock the last time I was up here. The blue-and-brown scarf was from there as well. I wore this with aqua blue tights I got on Amazon. Don’t they pick up the blue in the scarf well? It got very cold and snowed a bit that day so I needed some extra help to keep me warm. My beloved Y2K-does-70s coat I got off Depop (and paid a lot more for than I’m willing to admit) and these vintage fleece-lined rain boots I thrifted on my last trip did the trick. To top it all off I wore my mod circle stud earrings from MindFlowers. My outfit overall was totally inspired by Pattie Boyd. So it was a real treat to find my third copy of Layla at The Red Carrot!

Day 3:

This day I went fabric shopping for a SUPER secret project you guys don’t get to know ANYTHING about yet, but it will be blogged here in the future! Before going out I squeezed in a quick Jimi Hendrix-inspired shoot. Shoutout to my grandma for having that epic green claw-foot bathtub. When Boogie Child gifted me these purple stretch velvet flares I knew I had to style them with this purple brocade jacket I found in my early days of dressing vintage. It’s not vintage but it just looks so Hendrix and I was holding out for purple flares to wear them with! This outfit was rounded out by my favorite creamy-white ruffled vintage blouse I found on Poshmark, a green velvet scarf from Sassy Pants Vintage in Northampton, Massachusetts, the same black boots I wore the first day, a black H&M hat I’ve had since the 2010s hipster days, and purple sunglasses from Amazon that I got for a Penny Lane costume.

The look was all Hendrix, but my heavy bangs and dark circles tend to push my ’60s menswear looks into Brian Jones territory.

Day 4:

Disclaimer: clearly I didn’t wear this outfit the full day. But this was too good not to share with you guys! On the fourth day I worked on a bit of a secret project and took the opportunity to go ALL-OUT. Here I’m wearing a ’60s-style black mini with a high neck and balloon sleeves that I made. In case you didn’t know, I make my own clothes sometimes! I decided to style this dress in an Anita Pallenberg kind of way this time around. Anita loved feather boas and floppy hats, so I matched my antique ostrich feather boa I found at a flea market with this red felt hat I found while shopping with my sister in Greenville, South Carolina. I added some “me” touches with opaque matching red tights that Tabbisocks so kindly gifted me and my prized possessions: my white Jeffrey Campbell Gargoyle platforms. Hopefully you’ll get to see what I wore this outfit for soon!

Day 5:

This was my final day of photographing my outfits for you all, and let me tell you, it was such an incredible day for thrifting! After my uncharacteristically poor luck thrifting on day 3, I hit it out of the park on this day over in New Hampshire! As you could probably tell, I like dressing up for shopping. Not entirely sure what I was going for this day. Brian Jones? Marianne Faithfull? Who knows, but it might’ve been my favorite look I wore on this trip! I wore my vintage ruffled blouse with orangey-brown Rolla’s corduroy flares, my black leather belt from day 1, my same black boots, and my Y2K-does-’70s coat.

I wore these white ’60s mod sunglasses from The Vault in Providence with every outfit that week – I’m just a goober who forgot to photograph that! And I didn’t initially have that Ozzy Osbourne-like cross necklace, it was actually something I thrifted that day. But it was just too perfect with this outfit, so on it went for photos.

And there were my outfits for a week! Now you’ve seen how I re-style basics (like my leather belt, black boots and ruffled blouse) across several days on a trip. I already needed a whole suitcase just for those Jeffrey Campbell platforms so there was no need to take up any more valuable room in my suitcases! Hopefully these little forays into my extensive closet will tide you guys over between my essay-style posts.

Be back next Friday for the next 33 1/3!


- Layla


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