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Layla's First Interview!

Hey everyone! Just dropping in to announce something really big I was recently involved in. I teased it for months and now you can finally read it!

Pictured: Pinch me, I'm dreaming! (Instagram: @jenbroganofficial)

The latest issue of Disgraceful Magazine is out now, and I was so lucky as to be interviewed for it! Editor Jen Brogan and I talked about how I started dressing vintage-style, what fashion and music are to me, and my general takes on the fashion industry. Me, an interview in a real magazine? Who the fuck am I?? And can we talk about how all my favorite digs made it into the issue? I'm rocking LoveChild Beauty, Boogie Child, AND the first vintage reproduction dress I ever made! That was such a sweet touch :)

If you’d like to read this wonderful publication all about women doing and wearing whatever they want to, you can purchase a digital or physical copy of Disgraceful Magazine Issue 6 here. Thank you Disgraceful for featuring me in this roster of incredible women!

And thank you all so much for your support. I wouldn’t have landed this incredible opportunity otherwise.


- Layla

P.S.: Physical copies of the magazine are only available in the UK. Many of you know I'm based in the States. So if anyone across the pond can hook me up with a copy as a keepsake, please shoot me an email!


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