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Sugar and Spice: A '60s Spring Lookbook

It’s been a while since I put honest-to-goodness fashion content on here. But then I got the idea to make a Reel with pieces I’ve been loving for spring! Plus I realized I’d need somewhere to put all the outfit details since they couldn’t possibly all fit in one Instagram caption, haha. Overall this was the perfect excuse for a post. Without further ado, here’s my spring lookbook!

Pictured: A closeup of my coat from Look 1! Look closely and you'll see the little pink button I have on it.

Look 1: “Sugar and Spice”

The colors in this super-mod outfit come from the album art for Sugar and Spice by The Cryan Shames. The title track is the song in my Tiktok/Reel of this lookbook!

I got this incredible ’60s vintage coat last year from Junque Shop at the Providence, RI location of The Vault Collective. It’s one of my favorite vintage shops I’ve ever been to, I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the area! I'm wearing it like a dress here; with a white turtleneck top and my trusty black H&M shorts layered underneath so I feel less exposed. I’ve worn this coat with lots of different shoes in the past but I believe it’s truly the perfect match for my new white go-go boots from BAIT Footwear. They were just made for each other! To accessorize, I added a vintage white bag I got off Etsy and my white mod sunglasses from The Vault. I matched the pink flowers in my coat to my pink double daisy MindFlowers earrings. I've got a hidden accessory as well. My little pink button is a very mod accessory at first glance. But look closer and it's a shoutout to my first record store: Willimantic Records. I got my copy of Sugar and Spice there!

Pictured: Left, yours truly in front of the clothing rack to show the whole outfit. Right, a closeup for my daisy earrings.

Look 2: “She’s A Rainbow”

I couldn’t give up my white boots so soon in this lookbook, so I had to style them another way!

You might not have seen this green coat before; I don’t wear it nearly as much as I should. But it’s so, so dear to me. This ’60s vintage coat from RECLAIM Threads was one of the first vintage pieces I ever bought! It’s a match made in heaven for my dream ’60s kaleidoscope print dress. Cameras just don't do those colors justice! I saw the dress on Emma Rosa Katharina a while back and decided I had to find one just like it. So when she put it up for sale on an Across The Universe Styling story sale I jumped at the chance to buy it! I love it so so much, thank you Emma! I didn’t think this look needed much for accessories since I wanted these very special pieces to shine. But to keep the psychedelic-mod theme going, I added these totally showstopping blue mod circle earrings from MindFlowers.

Pictured: Posing to show off the gorgeous silhouette of this coat.

Pictured: A view to show off the groovy earrings!

Look 3: “Wear Your Love Like Heaven”

One of my goals in life is to look like I stumbled out of a Donovan song. I think this totally wild ’60s vintage...maxi dress? Tunic? Maxi tunic? I honestly have no clue what this thing is but it’s split down the front, zips up the back, and looks like something Jenny Boyd would have rocked at the Apple Boutique so it does the trick for this look! I’m wearing it with these purple stretch velvet flares gifted to me by Boogie Child to pull out the purple in the paisley print. I decided white boots again were overkill so I opted for my go-to warm weather shoes: my Swedish Hasbeens clogs. I’ve got on a gold thrifted vintage coin belt for some gold peeking through the tunic. I threw my hair up so you could see the gold teardrop earrings. Psychedelic fashion has some Indian influences and I think these and the tunic reflect them. I found the earrings a long time ago at a jewelry stand in Boston.

Pictured: Off to visit Donovan and The Beatles in India, be back soon!

Look 4: “Granny Takes A Trip”

Lastly, I’ve put together an outfit inspired by a ’60s boutique I so desperately wish still existed: Granny Takes A Trip! George Harrison and Pattie Boyd loved their designs. I wanted to do a look that references both of their looks here, since I simply cannot decide whose outfit I like best!

Pictured: Top-tier street style from George and Pattie (circa 1968.) No one is doing it like these two anymore!

I thrifted my green tapestry jacket last year with George’s jacket in mind. The one I've got is more of a paisley than George's William Morris floral print, but it’ll do. As for the blouse, I actually made it! It was sewn by following a ’60s vintage Simplicity pattern and uses green-and-blue paisley from the fabric salvage shop. The swirly print, balloon sleeves and dramatic necktie totally remind me of Granny Takes A Trip's clothes. To mix George and Pattie’s styles, I wore these psychedelic menswear-looking pieces with my thrifted black mod mini skirt, a black felt hat I found on Poshmark during my American Horror Story: Coven phase, and over-the-knee boots from BAIT Footwear that I could totally see a Beatle’s wife wearing.

Pictured: My mix of George and Pattie’s styles came out looking like something Marianne Faithfull would’ve worn but honestly? I’m not mad at all!

And there you have it, that’s my ’60s spring lookbook! I realize I’m soooo late to fashion blogging and lookbooks but this is such a nice change of pace from my 33 1/3 posts. I’ll keep the fashion content coming. Mostly for you guys, but also for my sanity. Let me know which outfit is your favorite!


- Layla


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