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About Real Life Layla


"You're born, you know, the wrong names, wrong parents. I mean, that happens. You call yourself what you want to call yourself." - Bob Dylan

Real Life Layla is the brainchild of miss Layla, but most know her as...

In my “real life” my name is Abby. I’m 23 years old and currently based out of the northeast United States. 

The idols, icons, muses, and groupies of '60s and '70s rock-and-roll are my inspiration. It started with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and it all went downhill from there! I live and breathe the tunes and I'm not shy about loving the guys who made it. The music influenced my style as well. I love vintage fashion, and my mod-meets-psychedelic style helped build my Instagram following. I run Vinyl Monday: a weekly series where I talk about albums I love. It started on Instagram, and with the help of my audience I was able to bring it to YouTube.

I studied art history and film in school, and I graduated from a small liberal arts college last year. Being an art historian means you’re not the one making the art. Instead, you write about the guys who made the art. You write a lot. And you get into their heads the way few others do. You become a groupie to their legacy. Being so close to all that creativity inspired me. After writing for so long, I just can’t stop.

My creative outlet became this blog: Real Life Layla

Others call me a YouTuber, music reviewer, writer, seamstress, or even a muse. I call myself the wannabe muse.

Real Life Layla is a look into my world. Get experienced. Enjoy it, fall for it. It's a one-way ticket!

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